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Natural Gas Chart Integration Reports Library Portal

AMS' Natural Gas Chart Integration Reports Library Portal

AMS' Reports Portal Library allows you to share information about your production with others, such as pumpers, techs, labs and other groups in your organization - anytime and anywhere.

A variety of reports are available including those you routinely receive and additional reports that we use that may be of use to others. All these reports are free. And we continue to add other reports and data that clients request we provide.

How does the Portal work?

Your information is on a secure page. Anyone requesting access must first sign-up. After receiving the request AMS will contact you to approve access for this individual. Upon your approval the individual will have access to only your portal. You may at anytime request access be removed.

It is not necessary for you to participate in our portal. If you decline, your page will be hidden from the menu, but it can be reactivated at anytime. Even if you decline your reports will be generated in our measurement software but not uploaded to the website until you are ready.

We recommend you try the portal for a few months to determine if there is a benefit to your organization. Remember your current reports we send you will continue whether you use the Reports Portal Library or not.

How will our site be organized?

There will be four sections on your page: Summary Reports, Station Reports, Meter Reports and Analytics. Except for some of the Analytics Reports, you will be able to view reports on your desktop or mobile. Each report will have a "as of" date. 

Summary Reports will include reports such as Monthly Volume Summary by Station and Volume Reconciliation.

Station Reports will include reports such as Current Meter Record, Current Station Record, Lab Analysis, Overdue Sample and Twelve Month Volume History.

Meter Reports will include reports such as Calculation Statement, Meter Definition Record and Overdue Calibration.

Analytics will provide some of the reports above, and customized reports, in a CSV format for importing data to your programs.

Click here for a sample.

Click here to enroll.

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