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Natural Gas Chart Auditing

This is what I would do ...

1. Collect all contract documents that address measurement such as pressure base, temperature base, correction of measurement errors and, if included, calibration frequency and gas sampling frequency.

2. Collect copies of your operating and maintenance procedures and compare to industry standards.

3. Check to see if you are in compliance with the contract and/or industry standards on calibration frequency, sampling frequency, routine plate inspection and routine tube inspection.

4. Observe the calibration and inspection of several meters and determine if the technicians are recording results correctly.

5 Collect and review copies of previous calibrations and plate inspections.

6. If the secondary measurement is a chart, verify the information on the chart is correct and notes have been placed indicating down time, liquids in the meter, pens dry, high/low zero, etc.

7. If the secondary measurement is a flow meter, verify the inputted information on orifice, tube size, etc. and review forms used for comments indicating abnormal flow conditions.

8. Review how measurement staffs handled charts or data files with comments.

9. Review the procedures of the measurement staffs and determine if they  are being followed especially corrections due to calibration and field notes.

10. Review the processing of measurement volumes in the accounting staff focusing on correct data being used and additional focus on prior period calibration corrections are handled.

11. File my report detailing all errors found and communication issues.

How Our Gas Chart Integration Service Helps

Prior to chart integration and during integration, a gas chart and liquid chart is analyzed to determine if certain errors may be possible. From our experience and expertise, we have developed a checklist (for charts and EFM records) of possible errors and clues. This process is similar to a continuous gas chart audit. Our findings are provided to our client's accounting group and/or field group for resolution. With our focus on  communication, we all stay on top of problems, errors and issues before the dreaded auditor arrives.

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