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Our Experience and Expertise

Advanced Measurement Services, LLC was formed by Gary Montross in March 1995. Previously, Gary worked at a major Michigan gas utility and held various positions including Manager of Production, Transmission and Storage Construction. A significant portion of construction activity was header and lateral construction along the Michigan North Slope. In this position he was also the Chair of the Four Party Technical Sub-committee for the North Slope and consisted of representatives from Shell, Amoco and Consumers Power.

Gary was then promoted to the Manager of Gas Measurement Services. He focused on auditing measurement from interstate suppliers and developing a strategy to include flow computers along the North Slope and other production areas. He managed the testing of flow computers, custom programming, polling and data integrity. Other features were added such as remote meter calibration. He also was Chair of the Four Party Allocation Sub-committee which was responsible for material balancing along the North Slope.


After AMS started, the first jobs were programming Daniel 2500 series flow computers for flow control, data collection and reporting at a northern Michigan natural storage field, a major gas plant inlet and monitoring energy usage at a 5 plant auto manufacturing complex. Also, a southern interstate pipeline and a flow computer manufacturer purchased our measurement software.  AMS’ natural gas chart integration services and liquid chart integration services were immediately up and running.

We consider our function to be the measurement staff for our clients. And we will use all of our expertise and experience to meet all the needs of our clients as if we were.

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