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Natural Gas Chart Integration Services Reports

Gas Chart Integration Services Reports ... at NO cost!

Chart Processing Notes
AMS will send our chart censoring and integration notes to our client if there is a problem. We do this to cut down on prior month corrections. Some notes are information only, such as high zero noted, and other notes could require follow-up, such as flow indicates plate may have been changed or calibration may be needed. 

Current Month Volume Projection
During the month AMS can provide a projection of the current month total volume based on the charts processed month to date and recent history. This report is generated when requested.

Station Volume Summary Report
In addition to individual meter calculation reports, AMS will provide a summary of the volume by station including on time and average hourly flow rate. This report is also available as a csv file and we can add additional information at no cost to include information normally reported on a Calculation Statement.

Volume Reconciliation Report
At the end of a month,  a question may be asked "Why did the production at XYZ change so much?" The Volume Reconciliation Report can provide the answer. We summarize the month to month change caused by differences in on-time, measured flow rate and calendar days. Along with your Chart Processing Notes Report you should be able to narrow down the reasons for the changes.

Facility Material Balance Report
Our Material Balance Report is consistent with typical accounting practices. It can be modified to meet your needs. Our allocations can use volumes you supply, such as outlet EFM  volumes, with AMS calculated volumes. Reports can be supplied as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet.

Overdue Meter Calibrations
Our clients have the option to provide AMS their meter calibration schedule. We will keep track of calibration progress and inform our client and/or tech group if a calibration is overdue. 

Overdue Lab Samples
Our clients also have the option to provide AMS their lab sampling schedule. We will keep track of sampling progress and inform our client and/or lab if certain samples are overdue. Although the lab will perform a quality assurance test, AMS will also flag those samples that are not consistent with prior results for followup.

Orifice Size Change Recommendations
From a percentage standpoint, significant errors can occur when differential is near or slightly above zero. In fact, if the meter is not in calibration there could be no differential, or flow, credited. This report looks for meters that have a consistent pattern of running low differential. We will recommend an orifice change, a differential range change, rotation change and/or a tube change.

Production Trend Graph
This report is a simple graph which plots monthly meter volumes over a 2 year default period. Longer plots up to 36 months are available if needed. This report is provided whenever requested by email or text.

Production Management Report
This report consists of 5 pages and plots meter volume, rate, on-time, pressure and a summary of changes to measurement over the requested time frame for any meter. We have added statistical projections from the actual data.  This report is provided whenever requested.

12, 24 and 36 Month Meter History Reports
This report is available in several formats:
  • The 12 month report is available as a PDF document, spreadsheet and/or .CSV file
  • The 24 and 36 month reports are available as a spreadsheet and/or .CSV file
  • Each report will show volume history, rate history and on-time history for the selected period

Current Station Definition
This report is a summary of the information  we have on file for a station. It can be used by field personnel to check if we are in sync with the station metrics.

Current Meter Definition
This report is a summary of the information  we have on file for a meter. It can be used by field personnel to check if we are in sync with the meter metrics.

Current Lab Analysis
This report is a summary of the current gas or liquid analysis we have on file.

Latest Meter Calibration
This report consists of a copy of the latest calibration report we have on file along with the measurement error calculation we performed and our volume correction recommendation.

All the above reports and others are typically sent by email to your designated recipients and are also posted to your Portal if enrolled.

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