Natural Gas Chart Integration Services Bottom Line ...

  • 35+ years of orifice measurement experience

  • Free high value Management, Operations and Accounting reports

  • 2 business days or less turnaround (EFM data - 2 business hours or less)

  • Chart processing pricing as low as $0.50 each (non-production charts are less)

  • Monthly statement as low as $0.25 each

  • Online secure reports library portal for current and prior reports for viewing and download by you and those you designate (ability to upload reports by you available)

  • Long term chart storage available (no charge for recent 12 months)

  • NO CHARGE for transition from your current service provider to AMS

  • 90 day money back guarantee (see below)

Over 35 Years of Measurement Expertise

Advanced Measurement Services (AMS), a chart integration company, has been providing accurate and reliable natural gas chart integration services, gas chart processing services and gas chart auditing for over 24 years. Our experience and expertise supports producers in Michigan from the Michigan’s North Slope (through Manistee, Kalkaska and Gaylord), Ohio, Indiana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Wyoming. No matter where you are, get the charts to us and we'll get the reports to you.

Our Business Model - Leverage Our Expertise

Our business model is simple: use our expertise and experience to provide timely information to our clients’ accounting, management and field tech groups so that measurement is accurate. In fact, AMS offers numerous reports free of charge to support our model. Experience has shown the better the communication quality on our end, the better the result on your end. That's why our reports are free.

"Is It Difficult to Switch Chart Integration Services?"

Not really. We have found that when our clients switch from their existing gas chart integration service to AMS the field units have trouble remembering to mail charts to a different location. We stay on top of that. The bulk of the work, setting up the database, is done by AMS. And we do not charge for the setup process. So, the question back to you – how important is experience, expertise, low fees, accuracy, fast turn around and free reports to you?

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Since we do not require long term contracts for our services, if for any reason you wish to terminate your gas chart integration service with chart AMS, we will at no cost to you

  • Refund all invoices paid

  • Return charts and other documents at our cost

  • Send all database data we have on your charts to your new service provider in the format they desire

NOW serving Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Texas,

West Virginia, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Wyoming


Advanced Measurement Services is a chart integration company providing gas chart integration, gas chart processing, gas chart auditing, custom reporting and custom gas measurement software since 1995.

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